Real estate investment pitch deck

It is concise and covers all relevant aspects of your business. Each template section is briefly explained in the guide and also includes sample text to get started quickly on your own investment teaser deck! Sign up now to get your free eBook guide! A classic pitch-deck is for presentation-mode. An investment proposal in the form of a teaser deck is for reading-mode.

When making your first impression via email, it is recommended to use this format because it follows a data-centered and proof-oriented style along the main chapters investors are looking into. On key2investors. No need to read yet another startup blog about getting an investor!

We really appreciate the great help and tips we received during Investor Dynamics training. The valuable feedback and hands-on approach, gave us a clear picture, what activities are most important for us and how to execute them!

I just re-watched your videos — they are fantastic! Really good! Guillaume Boulbes Technology Officer easyfeed. Petra helped us in structuring the key message and all relating documents for finding venture capital for a newly founded start-up in the field of green chemicals. She also provided us with contacts and venture opportunities for our mission.

We totally appreciated her very experienced, well-skilled but still hands-on way of working with us. Petra is perfectly capable of sensing what her customers really need. We really learnt a lot! Thank you, Petra. Petra Wolkenstein has supported and consulted us in several phases in a very professional way. Working together has been excellent when looking for new investors. She matched us with qualitatively valuable and very suitable investors.

Her cross-border investor network is truly extensive. Many thanks for your excellent and proactive support! Selling a company is a complex process. When I was looking for a buyer to exit my company, the experience of the consulting team helped a lot. In the end, the professional teaser documentation and the invaluable negotiation support were decisive for the sale.

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A great pitch deck gets potential investors excited about your idea and engages them in a conversation about your business, hopefully leading to an investment. You can skip ahead and just download our free pitch deck templatebut I recommend sticking around and learning why each slide is important. This may sound counterintuitive, but the goal of your pitch deck is not to raise money. Remember, your pitch deck and pitch presentation are probably some of the first things that an investor will see to learn more about your company.

And because investments rarely are made after just one meeting, your goal is to spark interest in your company. You want investors to ask for more after they hear your pitch and not just show you to the door. So, while a solid pitch deck is critical to raising money, the key goal of the deck is to get to the next step—another meeting and a request for more information.

real estate investment pitch deck

This is a quick one-sentence overview of your business and the value that you provide to your customers. Keep it short and simple. A great way to think about this slide is to imagine it as a short tweet—describe your business in characters in a way your parents would understand.

For example, you see many pitches that start with things like:. Your business model has to truly be similar to the company you are referencing. Use this slide to talk about the problem you are solving and who has the problem. Ideally, try and tell a relatable story when you are defining the problem. The more you can make the problem as real as possible, the more your investors will understand your business and your goals.

Use this slide to expand on who your ideal customer is and how many of them there are. What is the total market size and how do you position your company in the market? If you can find the datainvestors will want to know how much people or businesses currently spend in the market to get a sense of the total market size.

This is where you tell the story about the scope and scale of the problem you are solving. Be careful with this slide, though. Instead, investors will want to see that you have a very specific and reachable market. The more specific you are, the more realistic your pitch will be. Finally, you get to dive into describing your product or service. Describe how customers use your product and how it addresses the problems that you outlined on slide two.

This is classic storytelling where you build up the problem and describe how bad it is for lots of people.Posted May by Malcolm Lewis. Welcome to the 1 pitch deck template for startups. Use it to create a killer pitch deck for your startup business. Understand why you need a pitch deck and exactly what investors are looking for.

Review a worked example of the slides that comprise a typical investor deck. Learn from the hints, tips, and sample content I have included for each slide. Click here to see the template on SlideShare. A pitch deck is a short presentation of slides in length. As a startup founder, use your pitch deck to introduce your business to potential investors. These investors can include angel investors, VCs venture capitalistscustomers, and business partners.

Use your pitch deck for in-person or online meetings with investors. Share your pitch deck by email to help secure investor meetings. You need a pitch deck because it's the fastest, easiest way to present your business to investors. Use your pitch deck to describe the compelling opportunity available to those who invest early. Proactively address the fundamental questions every investor is thinking when they read or listen to your pitch. Who will buy your product?

Who do you compete against? What makes your product better? How much will customers pay? How big is your market and how fast is it growing? How will you acquire and retain customers — profitably — and scale your business?

In many ways, your pitch deck is a visual summary of your business plan. Does that mean you must write a business plan before you build your pitch deck? Does it mean your deck will need to address every aspect of your business that you'd cover in a business plan?

Real Estate Pitch Deck Template

Yes, absolutely. TL;DR : A chance to invest early in a new business with strong potential for a significant return on investment and minimal risk of failure. What do you think investors are thinking about when they read or listen to your pitch deck?

In short, they are evaluating your business from two angles:. Return — The potential return on an investment in your business Risk — The risks that might prevent them from getting that return. Stock market investors seek out investments that offer the highest return with the least risk. Startup investors are just the same. Your job is to convince them that your business can deliver a higher return with less risk than all the other businesses they are also considering. Did you know that most startup investors desire at least a x return on their investment?

With this in mind, you must convince them you can grow the value of your business x over the next few years.I am creating a post about each investor pitch slide, why it is important, the common errors, and how to communicate that you have what it takes to achieve your goals for this company. Get it? This is the slide you put last in your deck.

Your final slide. Your audience just spent 5, 10, maybe even 20 minutes watching your mannerisms, hearing your voice, feeling your message, probably all for the first time. They are in a bit of a daze. Even if they zoned out during your pitch, when you beseech the audience for feedback, they tend to tune back in. Heads snap up, hearts feel guilty because they missed the last three slides. TrekPak, for their pitch at the Angel Capital Summitcompiled their customer satisfaction into a beautiful slideshow.

Each slide was a tweet from a real customer paired with a high resolution photo provided by the customer of the TrekPak hardware storage product in use. This simple slideshow acted as a foot tall poignant declaration of success. The audience instantly understood that the company is selling their product. Customers are using the product and are happy enough to take pictures and tweet about it.

Why this makes us cringe: This is a huge waste of a slide. How to do it right: Inspire, engage, at the very least — inform. Use your real estate! How to do it right: If you want to keep it simple, create a static slide broken into 4 or 6 squares. Put the highlight information about your deal on that slide. Imagine the audience members lifting their phones in synchrony to take a picture of your final slide. This is the slide they can refer back to when they talk about your deal with other investors or their spouse later in the day.

Intellectual property protection, sales to date, FDA approval, team years or experience, a photo of your product, the ask, other details about your deal, potential 5 yr ROI be carefulyour Fortune mentor, time to break even.

Spend an hour with your team to determine which are the most exciting parts of your company. Why this makes us cringe: You are missing whole minutes of opportunity to connect with the very people who can give you the resources your company desperately needs.

Audience members are listening, dozing off, complacent, and protected by the anonymity of being an audience member.You want to highlight promising margins, profit scale, the growth potential of your firm … But how do you communicate these effectively and where do you start? If your business model is solid, creating a pitch deck is just a matter of presenting your business concisely through with a convincing design. Your pitch deck is as important as the look of your personal business card — it can impress other professionals right away and leave a long-lasting impression.

A business pitch deck is a presentation that provides an overview of your business plan to your audience. Your pitch deck design should cater to your niche and target audience. You should have no more than 10 slides in your business pitch deck. Each slide should be purposeful and targeted towards a specific goal in mind. Your investors will not be able to retain too much information in just one meeting. Make sure you strategically explain your business pitch without losing your audience because your focus is off.

Your goal should be to prompt interest in your business pitch, not to over explain every aspect. You want to win that second meeting. Having a limited amount of slides will force you to condense your information and concentrate on what is most important in your business pitch deck. Slide 1: Title to introduce your business. Slide 2: The problem you are trying to remedy. Slide 3: Value that you will provide to your customers. Slide 4: The solution that your product will provide.

Use a flow chart template to help. Slide 5: Business model where you are identifying your sources of revenue. Slide 6: Management team that will be responsible for the business. Slide 7: Marketing Strategy that you will use to reach your customers. Slide 8: Key Metrics and Projections for the next 3 years.

The 10 Best Free Real Estate PowerPoint Templates, Keynote Theme and Google Slides

Slide 9: Competition, describe into your competitive landscape. Slide How you plan on using your funds for your business. Think of your pitch deck design as the packaging for your awesome business idea.

Our decision making for what products to buy has a lot to do with how the product is packaged—the same can be said for your business pitch. The slide layoutsfont sizes and image suggestions are all there—all you have to do is insert your own text and customize the design elements like logosfontscolorsimages, and icons. Do you want to highlight how creative and original your business is? A subtle way to do that is to pick a creative design motif to use throughout your presentation.

Your motif could be something like a recurring shape like circles, lines or arrowsor a recurring object like a leaf for growth. The same circle icon is used in three different colors to add a bubbly touch to the design.

The team photos are also incorporated using circle frames:. Even if you did, you might not get a chance to finish before the presenter moves on.

Pick one focused topic for each slide and keep it there. For example, dedicate one slide to summarizing the problem your business is aiming to solve.Ah, the world of real estate can be a tricky one. There are many factors that influence this particular branch of the market, but perhaps the most important factor is salesmanship.

The following is an in-depth description of each slide and how each unique slide has strengths that can help you shine in the world of real estate. This is one of those templates that you can see and just know it is high quality. The color scheme is one that exudes elegance and modernity. It will quickly become your best friend with its simple to edit slides and amazing design.

A template with visuals designed to captivate any audience and designs that are made with great qualitywhich anyone can appreciate. It is very easy to see and read no matter how far and the images and designs are all top-notch.

It is a template with a sharp modern look that will surely make any project pop with your unique flair.

Free Template for Great Startup Pitch Decks, Direct from VCs

It will help push your projects to the level in which you will be both ecstatic and proud of the results. Each slide is easy to customize so inputting any type of information would be quick, saving both time and stress.

The reason being is that it is simply beautiful and has plenty of contrasting shades that can be made to work with anything. GT Real Estates Free PowerPoint Template utilizes the full beauty and potential of the color in order to provide you with stunning slides and designs.

A template should be able to completely capture an audience just from the header. Waves Real Estate Free PowerPoint Template can do just that with a v ery elegant and entrancing title page that leaves the audience anticipating more equally as amazing designs. It is through and through a powerful template that anyone can put to work for them.

If you are having trouble on how to get started and create a fresh set of slides then look no further. The Constructor Real Estate Free PowerPoint Template has it all from amazing infographics to easily customizable slides so you can feel the work flowing straight from your head and onto your project. Yellow is one of the most notorious eye-catching colors out there. Rent Real Estate Free PowerPoint Template utilizes that fact and combines it with darker colors in order to make the whole presentation pop out at the audience, and ensure the information provided is easy to see and understand.

real estate investment pitch deck

Red is a color that goes hand in hand with beauty.BY improvepresentation. You will usually use your pitch deck during face-to-face or online meetings with potential investors, customers, partners, and co-founders. How are you planning to make money? Show a schedule when you expect revenues to pour in. Traction means having a measurable set of customers that serves to prove a potential.

real estate investment pitch deck

Everyone loves to hear stories, even the investors. First impressions are powerful. Believe it. Focus on a significant, relevant accomplishment for each person in a team that identifies that person as a winner. Average entrepreneur pitch: 38 slides.

Do the math.

Real Estate Pitch Deck Template

People cannot read and listen at the same time. Great visual inspire and engage people emotionally.

'That Is the Best Pitch I've Seen'

Try to anticipate the kinds of questions they might have and be prepared with answers. Always use a font large enough to be seen by all audience members. Use to point for titles and no smaller than point for the text or bulleted items. To save some of your energy and time we have created this easy to edit pitch deck that works on PowerPoint as well as on Keynote. Our list of the best powerpoint templates might be useful as well. What is a pitch deck? Slides of a pitch deck. Introduction Who are you and why you're here?

Keep it short and sweet. Contact Leave your contact details and let people know how to reach you quickly. Investing What is your planned budget? What kind of money are you looking for? Problem What problem are you trying to solve? Is it really a problem? Business model How are you planning to make money?

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